Delphi and HTML monitoring

I am creating a simple HTML with two edit boxes. […]

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DDos Protected E3 Servers – Fast Network, DDos Protection, Bitcoin/PM Accepted provides high level of hosting services for all type […]

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Reseller web hosting- WHM/Cpanel/Softaculous- Overselling enabled- Since 2008

We are a web hosting company providing quality reseller web […]

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★★★★Managed Cloud Hosting – SSD Raid 10 – WHM + cPanel – $0.50/day ★★★★ We Didn’t Invent The Cloud… We Just Made It […]

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JS Text Field Validation

I am having an issue with running a loop through […]

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Copying the content of a git branch to another branch

I want to copy all content of a git branch […]

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Encoding PHP

Hello. What are the available options for encoding PHP? I […]

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Drawing lines between divs with matching string

I’m looking to draw red lines between any <div>’s on […]

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Reading Data from a Specific format to a Database

Hi Guys,
Based upon my python script, I get the output […]

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Free Hosting Affiliate Program

We?ll get right down to it?who doesn?t like money? […]

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how to retrieve icons of packages in ubuntu?

Hello, i need to retrieve packages’ icons using python apt […]

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Servers in Argentina $145/m Unlimited BW Standart Network 100 Mb/s

MaxiDed provided secure dedicated servers in Argentina
Test network: Private […]

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Shopping Cart / Multiple Accounts

I have developed a CRM/Sales Management tool which also has […]

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Powerful Fully Managed Dedicated Servers in France at Low Price with Best Features

We at Temok have high-quality hardware accompanied by a first-class […]

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want to sell my software website

I have a small software website called gyaro it […]

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