php inserts duplicate row

PHP Code:

$sql_insert = ”
        INSERT INTO table (my_index, userid, observer, school, started) VALUES 
            (NULL, ‘” . $_GET[’teacher’] . “‘, ‘” . $_GET[’observer’] . “‘, ” . $_GET[’school’] . “, ‘I’)”;
        $result_2 = mysql_query($sql_insert);

I checked the script by adding a die() right […]

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Jigsaw Puzzle Website Content Packs – Add jigsaw puzzles to your website

Need some fun and engaging content for your website?
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CentralBlogs 2016 Leak | Link Exchange

CentralBlogs was a blog aggregator written in portuguese. The main […]

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Blog Design

How to get a great blog design?

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Where to host my site

Need to host a site .. any advices

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SEO Tips

Need to ask for advice about how to increase the […]

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Regex match; replacing with lowercase

I am using Geany text editor which has a built […]

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EU SSD VPS from $6.99/m | 30% OFF | Free transfer

Hi! is professionally engaged in hosting since 2011.
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Which analyzes, from the

Which analyzes, from the affirmations of 11 men from different […]

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Generate an XML file in Delphi 10.1 and Perform basic Operations?

I wanted to create an XML File in Delphi 10.1 […]

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Android GridView Bottom row cut in nested scrolling

I have a TabLayout inside a CoordinatorLayout set up using […]

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DAILYHOSTING – cPanel Reseller hosting , SiteBuilder – 15% off!

Dailyhosting – cPanel Reseller hosting , SiteBuilder
Dailyhosting Amazing […]

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WHUK Exclusive Offer | Get 25% OFF on WordPress Hosting

WHUK offers WordPress optimized hosting servers in the UK over […]

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Makanan atau Minuman untuk Atasi Mabuk Alkohol

mabuk setelah meminum minuman dengan kandungan alkohol dengan kadar tertentu […]

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Germany Linux VPS With INSTANT SETUP
Germany 100Mbps Linux VPS runs […]

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