Regex Find Replace

I need some help with this Regex, I’m using Emeditor. […]

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Free Web Hosting Vouches

I'll do free web hosting for vouches / get me […]

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HALF PRICE WHMCS INTEGRATIONS! Starting at $6.50! Plus Other Integrations & Services!

To celebrate the Grand Opening of our newest site […]

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tkinter, show results in a new window

Hi guys!
I am new in learning python and self-learner. However, […]

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What method is this website using ?


Notice the quick switch between different links on the top? […]

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project for real world application

guys I’m searching for PHP projects that would prove to […]

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Post not going through to the board

I’ve written post to this forum as well as other […]

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Posted in Uncategorized coupon code April 2015 including 50% off hosting

If you are looking for domain purchase or hosting offer, […]

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HostVesta | Free Cloud Hosting | Deploy VestaCP Hosting in 30 Seconds | InHouse Panel

Thank you for taking your time to view our "Free […]

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help with horizontal menu

Hi, I found this code and I’m trying to adapt […]

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Help needed : Math Domain Error

Hi all, I’m trying to execute the last 5 lines […]

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Swiss-VPS: Cheap hosting in Switzerland.

Reliable data center premium level Swiss-Vps announcing […]

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Hi everyone
Could you please tell me what is wrong with […]

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Rosalind problem: Why this isn’t valid?

Hi all,
I’m new to Python and have been using […]

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Need to overlay image before screenshot

Hello everyone,
I’m new to java-android programming and have what is […]

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