Why may delete code does not delete row from mysql?

I am able to delete using this code from other […]

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Best work ??

HY Friends…
How are you all … I s anyone here […]

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Help me…..

hy guys …..
Help me …. how to design my own […]

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Normalizing junction tables

I’ve been struggling on this for a while. I […]

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Looping through a text file

First off, I’m a new python student in an online […]

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Cheap Magento Hosting 10% OFF – Hostripples

Hostripples.com offers the best quality Magento Hosting in affordable cost. […]

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I can design and development any type of website you need .

"HariOm Technologies" is a global leader in website development and […]

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E3-1241, 8GB RAM, 2 x 120GB SSD, Unlimited 100Mbps – from $54.30/mo

Bacloud.com – Data center operator since 2002
We use enterprise hardware […]

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Client needs a database and app, built. Where to find dev?

I’m not a coder.
But I need one.
I’m looking on […]

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apache php module missing

I am running


Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS)

and apache doe not recognize php […]

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SubSelect Assistance Needed

Can someone assist me with a sub-select question. I […]

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Reliable Email Hosting – 99.99% uptime, 24/7 support, Password Protected Directories

Email Accounts are an Excellent Solution to have POP Email […]

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Valentine 2016 Promo

Valentine 2016 Promo from KVCHOSTING.COM
Get 20% OFF for life for […]

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Azure as web server for PHP, bad idea?

I did not know azure and from what i read […]

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variations of #!/usr/bin/python

In the Internet I came across five versions of the […]

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