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Looking for Beta Testers for iOS/Android App

I’m looking for a few beta testers that would be […] Original post by Sepodati

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Button requires ActiveX control.

<div style="border: 1px dashed gray; padding: 1px;"> <div> <button type="button" class="button" onclick="this.parentNode.parentNode.childNodes[1].style.display […] Original post by LostShadow

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Filter Code Goes On Which Line ?

Folks, Where on Mini Proxy, on which line, would I add […] Original post by UniqueIdeaMan

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V&WEB Mexico & Brazil VPS 5% off / starting @ 17$/month

Ordinary things could be extraordinary, if you work with right […] Original post by (Kate@V&Web)

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VPS optimization

I was looking for tips to optimize VPS, came across […] Original post by Merry J

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Word Document Automation Using Content UI Editor (XML) & VBA – Assistance Needed

Hi, If anyone could assist me with this challenge I […] Original post by JonesMark1974

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WHUK | 20% OFF on Shared Hosting | New Domain TLD’s up for grabs!

WHUK (Webhosting UK Com Ltd.), a UK based web host […] Original post by (James-A)

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Sending array values to database in a form

For every category that is listed with a check mark […] Original post by mallen

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Python Guru’s I’m looking for you!

Hey, I’m Jake from Knowit in London. We’re looking for a […] Original post by jakeknowit

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Starting at $69/Mo High Performance Android App Marketing From TEMOK | 5 Star Ratings

With the development of the mobile app market growing at […] Original post by tk-hassan

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Best Technique for SEO point of view web design

What is the Best Technique for SEO point of view […] Original post by (Jessica Johansson)

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Banned Words Filter

Folks, Q1. Do you consider the following code to be […] Original post by UniqueIdeaMan

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Dedicated Servers With 10 Gbps Speed

EqServers offers dedicated servers from a wide variety of locations […] Original post by (EqServers)

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Point rotation function in javascript

Writing a function to rotate a point in javascript: Code: <!doctype html> <html>   […] Original post by Miktor

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PyAudio Example program: [Errno Input overflowed] – CHANNELS

It seems there are more than 1 solution to this, […] Original post by ocpaul20

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