Article Marketer University

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A content-rich teleseminar:

This course is being offered by well-known internet marketing expert Sean D’Souza.

Sean D’Souza is a powerful force when it comes to marketing with articles. He’s built an entire community without ever spending any money on advertising. Not a cent. His success has been built on his dedication to honestly helping others. All of the traffic to his sites, all of the sales of his books, all of the people in his live classes show up strictly on the strength of the articles he writes.

He is truly an Article Marketer!

One of the things that Sean knows is that if an article doesn’t have a good title, it’s going to be skipped over by the target market. The title is the first thing that a prospective new customer sees. If that title doesn’t grab them by the collar and pull them into the article, that customer is lost. And so is the potential revenue from that customer.

On January 17 at High Noon (PST) Sean will teach participants how to grab new customers and increase their income – both online and in the real world in a free telecourse called “Why Do Some Headlines Fail?”

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Original post by David Ledbetter