Choose the Right Host

When you are about to start an Internet business or you are about to switch from free web hosting to paid, you want to make the best web hosting choice. You have a lot of things to consider. First of all, you want reliability; you want a host that has an uptime of at least 99%, that is, it is online and functional at least 99% of the time. Most of the top web hosts boast 99.9% uptimes. Also, when considering reliability, find out about customer support. Does the web host answer phone calls? Do they have a toll free number? Call them! And search the Internet for reviews.

Second of all, you want to consider bandwidth and price. Does the web host offer at least 500 GB of bandwidth at a reasonable price? Third, how much disk space will they provide and how much do you need? Fourth, if you plan on running a few web applications that require databases, then you will want a web hosting plan that provides you with numerous databases.

Fifth, does the web hosting plan provide you with free applications such as WordPress and Drupal (my favorites)? The web site can give you this information and a lot more, like the top 10 web hosts and information on scams.