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I can’t be sure what the problem is, but if I was you I would stay clear of My experience with them says to me that they are both unprofessional and intrusive. If I divine correctly, they jump to snap decisions based upon a lack of expertise. It’s a waste of time, and their offer of a 5gb bandwidth with no control panel (just ftp) does not match the other readily available plans out here in this cyberland of complete strangers.

Quite often, it seems, free hosting plans are tacked together by teenagers pretending to briefly reign as “kings of the hill.” I’ve even talked to one or two of them on the phone.

Then there’s free hosts and there’s fringe hosts. The fringe hosts are free, too, but you’re left wondering about the owners/operators/hobbyists. Are they nosey pranksters and mean-spirited drunks? Are they the smallest of small-time political hacks? An unemployed snake-oil salesman would find it easy to set up a borderline server next to the beer fridge.

Maybe they don’t like Canadians.

I guess we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess we have to hope they’re not phishing: I guess we have to hope they’re not scamming users into surrendering private information that will later be used for identity theft. I know quite a few wealthy men and women who would not even give a free host the email addresses they use to decoy (i.e., avoid) bulk spam, never mind names and phone numbers.

But like I said, I can’t be sure about what’s going on at And that’s possibly because that’s the way most webhosting businesses play the game. Ah well, pretty soon they’ll all get gobbled up by lawyers, fighters, whistle blowers, insurance companies, and irate moms.

Yes, it’s thumbs down. But don’t generalize too much, and remember, I still enjoy,,,,,, and