SebszHost’s Sad Story


I first signed up with Sebszhost on May 6, 2005. A day or two later, the service went down and my account vanished. At that time, at least one of the sites listing free hosts ceased coverage of Sebszhost.

On May 12, I signed up again, but today (May 16) Sebszhost gave its users the bad news. Sebszhost e-mailed,

The second major thing I’m sure you’ve noticed is that your site is gone. The reason for this is as follows. I want to upgrade the SebszHost server so that it is much faster. This unfortunately is not possible if I am giving only a free service. What I have done is this. I am keeping the service totally free, but if you choose not to have any ads on your website then you will only get 10MB of disk space. Fortunately, if you choose to put a small ad on your website, then you will get a full 100MB space! Instructions on how to add the advertisement to your website are included in the email when you sign up.

Your website? Nothing has happened to that. The only thing I need you to do is to sign up again through, and then at the last step of the sign up process, you have to choose what type of account you would like: 10MB without ads, or 100MB with a small advertisement. Once you have done this, I want you to email and ask if your website can be restored. Don’t forget to mention your username, and your website will be restored as soon as possible.

I will not be signing up for a third time in less than two weeks. I’m finished with Sebszhost!