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Dear Profuse Users,

We are trying our best to provide our clients with the best hosting experience and we want to thank everyone for signing up with us. Recently, we encountered high amounts of sign up and it led to many server problems. As a result, we have ordered new servers that will be able to handle more traffic and provide better performance. Also, we have upgraded everyone’s Monthly bandwidth from 2 GB to 5 GB and we are still considering to provide more bandwidth over the next few months.

We have decided not to enforce header and footer banners on our client’s websites. The main reason for this decision is because we didn’t want to ruin the layout of the website and as a result we will be providing you with the code that you can use and put it anywhere on your website. Our bots will be checking every page (domain) to make sure that our banners are displayed on your site. Please understand, banners are the only source of income for our company.

You can see one of the banners at the bottom of

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