Wastes Your Efforts’s owner tells you, “ is a free tool to manage your web links on your blog/website and to dramatically increase traffic to your site.”

However, 1) All the user control panels and initial link pages originate from one server (computer), or maybe from two or three. Since you want to increase your page rank, you need links from numerous unique servers.

2) Bloglinker’s owner, Zaeem Maqsood, asks you to put a piece of javascript code on your site. The javascript lists your link exchanges – you list your partners, they list you – but from what I understand, the search engines do not read javascript. The bloglinker javascript link lists on your partners’ sites will not add to your page rank. The search engines do not “see” the links.

3) Virtually nobody wastes their time reading the narcissistic drivel posted in personal blogs. The site will not bring you traffic.

4) Responsible surfers avoid blogs and personal web sites. They are more likely to trust commercial sites. Bloglinker bans commercial sites (yet does not provide a definition of what it means by “commercial”).

Oh, and yeah, of course wants to sell you advertising . . .

For more about page rank and javascript, see Blog Bloke