It’s Easy to Lose Most of Your Links

[AFTERWORD: It appears that when came back online, reinstated most of my links, all 14,000+.]

I wrote to say,

Hi, my sites (see the list below) are inactive because the data center housing the servers caught fire on October 10. lost all of its hardware and is now shopping for a new server.

Due to the fact that the circumstances are beyond my control, I believe that all my link exchanges (there are 1000s) should be reinstated when my sites get back online in about 1 to 2 weeks. I joined when all the link exchanges were fully automatic – I did not have to approve links. Therefore, I had far more links than someone joining today. Among my sites, the ones I am concerned about are (were and will be):

Thank you

They replied,


Unfortunately, once a site gets deactivated, the site must start from scratch. There is an option for a paid account which will allow you to automate the link exchanges again.