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Today’s email announcing a new method of advertising:


We are super-excited to announce the release of the “Intermission”.

So excited, in fact, that it’s hard to write this. Hands shaking, feet tapping, must… contain… ourselves. (and lay off the caffeine)

We set out to create the ultimate ad unit.

Sure, text ads and banner ads are good. But it’s time to innovate. To come up with a new kind of ad that makes more money for publishers, and gives more exposure to advertisers. The ad must be intrusive, without being annoying. It shouldn’t require any website design alterations for the publisher, or any extra work on the part of the advertiser.

(cue dramatic soundtrack)

Behold: The Intermission.

Enjoy the Intermission FAQ, below. Thanks for your support!

The AdBrite Team

What’s an Intermission?
A full-page display. The name of the publisher’s site, and a prominent link that allows visitors to easily close the ad, are displayed at the top of the screen. Advertiser bidding starts at $10 CPM (1-cent per unique user), and will grow quickly on quality sites.

Sort of like the ‘interstitial’ ads I’ve seen on Cnet and other big sites?
Kind of, but not really. The problem with full-page ‘interstitial’ ads is that they’re just that — .ads.. Intermissions, on the other hand, display the advertisers’ actual web site to the user. The advantage to advertisers is that they don’t have to create an ad — just send people straight to any URL. And visitors prefer looking at (and interacting with) websites, rather than full-page ads on websites.

Will visitors get annoyed?
User experience is a top priority. Intermission Ads are never shown to a user on their first visit to a site, and are never shown to the same user more than once per 24-hours. This means that the user is already engaged with the website before seeing an Intermission, and won’t be turned off by the site of a full-page ad. We make it easy to instantly close an Intermission, should the user choose to.

Okay, sounds great. How do I get started?
‘Intermission’ is now available on every AdBrite site. Every Intermission will be submitted to the publisher for review, and will only appear once approved by the publisher. Visit AdBrite, pick a site, and buy an Intermission.

Do you have any closing words?
In our opinion, the low cost to advertisers and high return for publishers make this the biggest no-brainer in the history of the universe. Or something. But we’re psyched — and hope you are too.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Original post by David Ledbetter