Has Problems

re. customer service etc.

In the thread the admin said,

Here is the answer of your question ->

Please try the search option on the forum before writing for any problem.

Thank you in advance!

Then the admin locked the thread.

I have a couple of comments:

1) I have used around 100 hosts and is the first to require that I change my ftp setting to “passive mode”.

2) I should not have to search the forum for critical information. The directions to set ftp to “passive” should be clearly stated in the ftp management section of the control panel.

3) If awardspace was a store in a mall, management would not ask me to search the store before asking a question or making an unofficial complaint.

4) At this time, all this is moot: We can’t see our websites anyway due to some setting awardspace has made. See thread “You are not authorized to view this page.”

5) Ok, “passive mode” works, but you need a “customer service mode.” And we still can’t see our webpages.