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Free Article Marketing Resources, Classes, E-Books and Audio: Article Marketer University

Free live telecourses led by some of the top experts in the field, audio-on-demand sessions, and e-books that make you more successful. Find out how article marketing works, how to write articles, and what article marketing is all about.

If you’ve ever put off the overwhelming task of writing an article because you don’t know what to write about, how to get started, or what to do, you are going to love this.

Free Article Marketing Resources, Classes, E-Books and Audio: Article Marketer University

360 Niche Categories and Wide Distribution

Article Marketer offers the widest selection of niche categories for your articles. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, with over 360 targeted, niche categories to choose from, you’ll find a home for it at Article Marketer.

Every major topic, from business to health to family (and more) is covered, and all have up to two levels of sub-categories, allowing you to specifically target your audience.

While other distribution services only allow a single category choice, each article submitted through Article Marketer can be associated with up to three categories.

Given the three levels of categorization (main topic plus two sub-topics) combined with three category choices, your articles can be distributed to up to nine different categories – giving you the widest possible distribution.

For example – imagine you write an article about some free online tools that people can use to manage an email marketing campaign.

The three categories you would choose would be:

  1. “Internet Marketing/Email”.
  2. “Internet/Tools and Resources/Email”
  3. “Marketing/Tools and Resources”

With this set of category choices, your article will be submitted to any site that offers:

  1. an “Email” category related to “Internet Marketing”
  2. an “Internet Marketing” category
  3. an “Email” category related to “Free Tools and Resources on the Internet”
  4. a “Free Tools and Resources on the Internet” category
  5. an “Internet” category
  6. a “Tools and Resources” category related to “Marketing”
  7. a “Marketing” category.

As you can see, this dramatically increases the number of sites your article can reach, and it all happens automatically.

In addition, each category is specifically mapped to the correct category at each distribution site. The article directory might not have a “Free Tools and Resources” category, but instead offers a “Great Online Stuff” category. Your article ends up in the right place during the distribution process, and you don’t have to keep track of which categories are a match to your article at any particular site. The Article Marketer distribution servers take care of this for you.

You also don’t have to worry about which directories serve a category that matches your article. All you have to do is properly categorize your article one time, and the distribution servers find every possible site match.

The Article Marketer distribution servers are specifically tuned to get your articles to the greatest number of sites while requiring you to do the least amount of work.

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Constant and Never Ending Submission

Every Article Marketer subscriber receives “Constant and Never Ending Submission” of their articles.

New sites apply to be included on the Article Marketer distribution list all the time. When they are approved, your articles are submitted automatically in accordance with site guidelines. This puts your articles in front of new, targeted audiences all the time.

Article Marketer is the only article submission service to offer this benefit. If you pay other sites to submit your article, it is submitted in a one-time, shotgun approach.

If you’re using softare to do submission work by hand, your article goes only to the limited number of sites on the software’s built-in list today. Article sites are like other sites on the net – they come and go all the time. Popular sites vanish, new sites appear and become market leaders.

If you want to submit your article to new sites using software you have purchased, you’ll need to find those new sites yourself and then do another round of hand submission.

Article Marketer is the only article submission site that offers Constant and Never Ending Submission of your articles.

Free Article Marketing Resources, Classes, E-Books and Audio: Article Marketer University

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