Affiliate Programs That Do Not Pay What They Owe You

Here is a list of the affiliate programs that do not pay you your earnings, or they refuse to answer your emails, or they change your password and then refuse to answer your emails, or their email addresses are fake (etc.). I do not understand why the search engines continue to index these scams.

1) Questseek ( owes me over $100 and has not paid me even though I made the money months ago. The emails I sent on numerous occasions all bounced back. Questseeks’s email addresses do not exist. Questseek is a scam.

2) Adverex ( changed or lost my password and does not answer my emails. They do not provide a way to reset my password. I have no idea how much they owe me.

3) Pressmania ( does not answer emails and has not paid the $100+ they owe me, and their sister site Adlandpro ( does not answer emails.

Original post by David Ledbetter