Compare Great Hosting and Free WordPress Themes

Personally I often spend an hour or two looking at the new WordPress themes available for download on the Web. You see I run a few WordPress blogs and I find that when it comes to blogging, looks really do matter, and since looks are virtually nothing unless you show them off, reliable web hosting is of utmost importance too. I can tell you from years of experience that waiting for a blog to load so that I can then scroll down the page gets on my nerves. In fact there are a few famous blogs that load awfully slow, and that’s not just because of comments or slow-loading ads: they have lousy hosts. Take my advice and don’t skimp on hosting. It is inexpensive to begin with.

Now is one web site where you can compare web hosting plans AND WordPress themes (and I figure their domain name must be worth something, to . . . wish I had it). Their top 10 web hosts include GoDaddy, 1&1, fatcow, and Right now has a $3.95 per month promo offering, with lots of unlimited features.

The features a variety of WordPress themes, including free WordPress themes. Among their free themes, the ones they feature on their site, my favorite is is the 1 Blog Theme 1.3.