One More Brand-new Free cPanel Host

Update 23 April 2006: Profusehost lost my interest ages ago.

(For an earlier update from, see

It seems that is saying that at some point it will load banners onto members Web pages, but so far I have not seen any, as evidenced on my Website

This is what gives you:

Account Features:
Disc Space – 500 MB
Monthly Bandwidth – 2000 MB
Linux Based
CPanel control panel
FrontPage extensions

DataBase Management:
MySQL or Postgre DB – Unlimited

E-mail management:
Email accounts – Unlimited
Email List – Unlimited
Web-based email access
Auto responders
Catch-all mailbox
SPAM protection

FTP management:
FTP accounts – Unlimited
Change FTP login message
Kill FTP sessions

Site traffic stats
View Latest Visitors
View Bandwidth Usage
View Error Log
Download a raw log file

Install ready scripts from CPanel
Personal CGI-BIN
PHP4, Perl, and Python
SSI (Server Side Includes)

Site Control:
File manager
Password protected directories
Password management

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