Make Money For Almost Nothing

How do I earn money?

Epage has partnered with AdConnect for even greater exposure for your advertisers and more content for your classified ad site. AdConnect shares placement fees, along with other fees from ad features amongst all sites showing AdConnect ads, so you can earn money even before you have a user place a paid ad.

Details: You can make money and earn four different ways:
Refer new users (earn 10% plus 1000 points per user),
Your own co-branded classifieds (earn 10% plus 1000 points per user),
Refer Webmasters (earn 50% of their commission), and
Refer Web developers (earn 50% of their commission)
As an affiliate you will earn 10% of all Local fees Epage collects from users you refer, plus 50% of earnings of users you refer, plus a share of the AdConnect pool earnings (co-branded classifieds only) which can easily double your earnings.

Epage found that some advertisers would start out from a affiliate member site, but take out secondary ads directly from EPage Classifieds. This deprives affiliates of potential earnings. Epage feels that once an affiliate brings a user to EPage Classifieds, that affiliate deserves to earn credit from the advertiser, no matter what. You will receive 10% commission from the money EPage earns off of ANY user you refer, for life.

Your referral code will be linked to that user, allowing Epage to track your credits from them wherever they may place ads. Renewals and other ads placed by the users you refer will earn you money, even if they place an ad into a different site in the EPage Classifieds Network (even years later), you still earn 10%.

Refer Registered Users to EPage

You can use banners, buttons, or text links to send users to the EPage classifieds. You will receive one point per new user who creates an ID and completes the registration process. You will also then earn 10% of local ad fees paid by all users you refer for as long as you are active. If this user also refers others and earns money, you will get 50% commission based on the money they earn.

Refer Webmasters to the EPage Affiliate Program

Do you build Web sites for others? Do you know of a site that could use classifieds? Do you know a Web Developer? If you answer yes to any of these, you can earn commissions based on their earnings. You earn money in proportion to everyone you directly refer. If you know anyone who has a website or builds them, refer them to the affiliate program. Epage will run their classifieds, and match 50% of their earnings paid to you for the referral: you could make hundreds per month per referral!

Sign-Up for Your Own Co-Branded Classifieds

Do you want to have classifieds for your Web site? EPage Classifieds is the world’s largest Classified Service ProviderTM, managing over a quarter of all the Internet’s classified sites. Join the hundreds of other webmasters who sign up each week for their own site. The EPage Classifieds affiliate program allows any webmaster to instantly create a customized and co-branded classified site with the categories of their choice.

Epage accepts secure online credit card payments for fast and easy payment, and you get your credit as soon as the ad is paid for. Epage sends checks out every month to all site owners who have at least $20 in their account. Any credit will be rolled over until you reach the $20 threshold.

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