Catch-free Aims for the 15th

16 June 2006. Catch-free emailed me to say,

I think you have confused us with another hosting service that was also named Catch Free during the period you speak of. That hosting service was owned by a totally different company and that hosting service went out of business on March 1, 2005.

We purchased that other service’s domain name and also the trademark rights to use the name “Catch Free Hosting” after their hosting service had closed down for good.

Subdomain accounts are permitted to park domains but cannot use any add-on domains or subdomains.

Domain accounts are permitted subdomains, add-on domains, and parked domains and the limits would vary depending on your exact account class. We don’t offer “unlimited” features.

We have NEVER offered “unlimited” anything at our hosting service!

Catch Free Hosting

I replied,

ok, i will add your email reply to my reviews of catch-free, e.g.,

still, somehow I had an addon domain working within my account just last week, and I’m sure can verify that since I used their service to point to your nameservers.

it doesn’t matter now since I no longer use your service.


UPDATE, 14 June 2006: recently deleted my addon domain without notice and has stopped offering unlimited features. It seems that they no longer offer us the ability to use addon domains. I find to be unreliable. And in the forum,, the catch-free admin comes across as arrogant when he says, “The fact of the matter is that about 95% of the people out there [on the Internet] are complete morons.”


[Update, 28 April 2006: is up and working.]

The free cPanel host says that they are changing servers and that they will be back on February 15. Last week, they had an extra dot (“.”) in their subdomain signup process, which produced unusable URLs, such as (note the double dot).

I told them where to find the problem dot. Now they say that the “subdomain issues have been resolved.”