May 6, 2005 Update: The Wonax site is still up, but its hosting service is down. They’ve had a note posted on their front page for a few days now. It says their users’ sites will be back online in 24 hours. It’s been at least 120 hours (maybe a little less, maybe a lot more). Wonax just keeps on saying,

Welcome To Wonax.Com. We Moved TO New Server. Members Data Will Be Updated/Transferred From Old Server to New Server within 24 Hours


You have chosen a Web hosting plan, but you are worried about its location. What are the connections like? How’s the speed? Are the connections reliable?

For a free quick look at the flow of data around the world, see Wonax’s Traffic Report.

It says,

Response Time in reference to Internet traffic is how long it takes for a chunk of data to travel from point A to point B and back (round trip). A typical response time on the Internet is 200 ms, which is 200 milliseconds (thousandths of a second) = 1/5th of one second.

If you register with http://wonax.com, you’ll automatically activate your free Website: 999mb and PHP.